Sunday, May 9, 2010

Carl Hart Mothers Day Duathlon

It was cold, very windy, and I was getting muscle cramps in the car on the way to this race courtesy of yesterday's run. I don't know what kind of irrational thinking got me to the starting line, but I made it. And once we got started I surprisingly didn't feel too bad. Both runs were pretty standard. The bike was a little tricky, the wind played a significant role with gusts up to 50mph. Rick helped me make the last minute decision to run my standard spoked training wheel on the front versus my 808, and I definitely think that helped keep me straight.

Finished 6th Overall, 2nd in my Age Group.

Rick ended up 1st overall Relay with daughter Amanda doing the running for him.

Official RESULTS

Avg. HR 151, Max HR 163

Now hopefully a more restful week in preparation for XTERRA King of the Hill next weekend. Need to get me some XTERRA ranking points!!!

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