Thursday, May 6, 2010

Greenwich Biathlon

Had a harder time than I thought I would recovering from the Du Nationals weekend… The few workouts that I managed last week where all sluggish and painful. On Saturday I went for a 2.5 hours ride with Kristin, and had a hard time getting my HR over 108bpm, I think my average for the ride was 95bpm… I’ve never biked that slow before!!! After the ride I went down to the track for a few laps, my HR then decided to skyrocket. I didn’t last very long, after about 20minutes of regular running, and 10 minutes of barefoot running I called it a day.

My brother got engaged on Saturday afternoon (very exciting!) so we went into the city to meet the families for an eating throw-down at a Churrascaria Plataforma. I came in second only to Kristin who put on a epic demonstration of human stomach capacity…. It was a little disturbing, one of the waiters wanted her autograph.

After a sleepless night of meat-sweats, we weren’t thrilled about racing. We got ourselves down to the race site at 6am, racked our bikes and went off to warm up for the 7am start… after about 30 minutes of slow running and a few bathroom breaks I started to feel more normal… Kristin, not so much.

The race itself was pretty uneventful… had a good run (2.5miles), good bike (10miles), good run (2.5miles). Felt better than I thought I would considering the night before. No splits available, but my overall time was about 2.5 minutes faster than I’ve ever done this race, so I was happy. My new running technique seems to be paying off. I'm feeling much more comfortable at a faster speed, and keeping up with people that would normally run right by me. Kristin ended up having a pretty good race too despite her stomach issues.
I was 9th overall, Kristin was 2nd overall female.
Full results HERE

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