Saturday, December 18, 2010

TransRockies Run Stage 1

Been a little busy lately, but that has changed, and its time get get this blog back on track!!!

The TransRockies run was an adventure of a life time. Brian talked me into being his teammate for this crazyness, and I'm glad I agreed to do it. The event held in the Colorado Rockies is 6 Days, 120 miles, with 20,000 feet of elevation gain. Never having competed or completed any run longer than a marathon prior to this, I had no idea how this was going to go...

Here is the overall stage map and elevation profile.
Here is the profile for Day 1: 20.6 miles This was the flattest and lowest altitude stage, and it got very hot out there for the last half
A few minutes prior to the 9am start...
About 15 miles in, Brian took this one of me. We where trying to pace of the Salomon women's team there ahead of me... the left us in the dust at about mile 17
This is a video with just a few miles left. I was pretty cooked at this point, the heat really got to me. I was thinking that there was no way I could do this for 2 days in a row, let alone 6!!!
Stage Place: 9th (Men's Open Category)
Stage Time: 3:49:33

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