Sunday, May 9, 2010

Greenbelt Trail 25K

Brian and I ran this one together... In short, I was not ready for this. I over estimated my fitness and under estimated the trail. Not a good combo... Went out too fast, made it to the halfway turn around in 1:13, and then hit a wall that I haven't hit in a long time and really struggled on the way back. Brian was very patient with me and my bonk, and helped me keep moving to the end. He kept himself entertained with hill sprints as I took my sweet time. His form is really starting to come together, mine on the other hand, has a long way to go. We crossed the line in 2:49:26 (which included about 10+ minutes of getting lost) Official results HERE. I was seriously exhausted, and he could have done it all over again!!! Crazy. But the positive is that I learned several things, like...
  • Force myself to walk up steeper hills to conserve energy, especially early in a race.
  • Trail running with compression socks look ridiculous, but is even awesomer than I anticipated.
  • Aquaphor between the toes, on the balls your feet and around the heel, work really well to prevent blisters.
  • I need to remember to take in more nutrition while on the trail. I was forgetting to eat.
  • My Salomon XD PRO 3D ULTRA shoes (pictured below) worked really well for this: comfortable, low profile sole, good rock plate, heavy duty toe guard (saved me a few times!), and nice lace system.
The plan was to capture a lot more of the race on video, but for some reason I couldn't get the camera to the right setting... Brian finally figured out how to do it with about a mile to go, and here is the result. Nothing to exciting, but you get the picture...I was delirious.

This is us at after the race...

These are the shoes that got me through it... love them.
I think we'll be back next year...definitely some unfinished business.

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