Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ironclad Triathlon

K and I saw that this race was close by, and had a pretty nice cash prize for top 5 males and females... So we thought we'd give it a try. We both raced in the Pro/Elite Wave which was nice. It was a wave of 15 people that started a few minutes ahead of the Age Group waves. Which were several waves of 100 plus people in each.

I was expecting to be able to stick with the lead pack on the swim, but I saw pretty quickly that wasn't going to happen... Maybe if I had been in the water more than twice this year I would have had a chance. I lost over 2 mins to the lead pack, which is pretty significant over a 1000yd swim. I was 8th out of the water.

A steep run up to transition, then out onto the bike without any issue. The bike was two loops totaling about 12 miles... I had the 8th fastest bike split of the day, passing 2 people to put me into 5th place, and into the money. (avg. speed 22.7)

Then came the run which was very xterra style, tight twisty single track almost the whole way. I felt better and better every mile, and posted the 13th fastest run split of the race (including relays), and fastest in my age group... Very exciting for me. I got passed 100yds from the finish putting me back into 6th place and out of the money... But was so happy with my running, that I didn't really care.

Kristin suffered the same fate. The prize money brought out all the female sprint specialist, and she finished in 6th place... No doubt she would have chased most of them down in a longer event.

Team PowerShot = 1st overall relay. and first time James Racer X Brittan has had a faster swim split that me. Don't worry James, I've been in the pool twice a week since this race, and that will not happen again.


Anonymous said...

you are HOT!!!

Whitarican said...

wow those are fast times! I did it as an age grouper and I thought the run was made it seem easy lol. I knew the bike course was a little short butdag 1.5 miles short from what was advertised.

David-n-Emily said...

good stuff, good stuff! Viva la Richmond next, give a shout later in the week.