Sunday, March 21, 2010

Uping the Mileage

A little taste of spring this weekend! Made increasing the training miles alot easier... Hope it stays this way for a while. On Saturday I rode outside for the first time this year. Felt so good to be back out there being dragged around by Pinky here...
...and the rest of our crew. We did just over 60 miles. Some miles fast, others easy.
At the end my legs where shot... But reserved just enough upper body strength to get through a few awesome Kart races with Pat and Fern.
Then Sunday started bright an early with a 2.5 hour trail run with Brian at Rockefeller State Park.
Followed by a loop of Graham Hills on the MTB's. I dusted of the 1994 GT Zaskar for this one... First time on this bike in years. Kinda fun to feel how far bike technology has come since this was considered one of the best XC rigs out there.
Next Week: March Madness Biathlon in NYC...

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