Saturday, December 18, 2010

TransRockies Run Stage 2

Stage 2: Only 13.5 miles this day, but it started out with a 3 mile, 3000ft climb. That was steep!!!! and pretty much kept us at a power-walking pace. When we got close to the top, we really felt the lack of oxygen, but when we remembered to look around the views where well worth it. I didn't recover well from the first days run, and I don't think I ate enough either, so I had a nice bonk with a few miles to go in this stage. I did learn that running downhill is an artform that I had never been exposed to before. I was putting way too much effort into braking and staying undercontrol, and we were getting passed left an right by people who had it figured out. It's just basically a controlled fall, that looks like your completely out of control. I got better at it as the event went on, but my ankle, only 3 weeks of a bad sprain would only let me get a way with so much before yelling at me.

Here is the profile
This was our home for the night.
Start of the stage in Vicksburg, CO
Brian going up and up and up... shortly after this photo I gave him my pack to carry. He was doing better than I this day
after the stage ice bath. This felt fantastic, really help clear the toxins from my lower half
Then straight to the massage tent
Video from out way up, and then the top.

Stage 2 Results.
Stage Place: 11th (Men's Open Category)
Stage Time: 3:21
Overall Place: 10th (Men's OPen Category)
Overall Time 7:10

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