Saturday, December 18, 2010

TransRockies Run Stage 3

Stage 3: 24.2 miles
A nice little warm up coming out of the town of Leadville, then steep climbing. Then a long downhill singletrack section from about the midpoint on.

This is Brian and I about half way up the first of two climbs.About half way up the second climb we caught up to Dean Karnazes, whom was running the event with a different partner each day.
His partner was similar pace to us, so we ran together for a little while, took pictures, had some laughs. Then for the last several miles a group of about 5 of us followed his lead through the single track. We were flying, its amazing what running with someone like that will do for you. A definite highlight of the trip.
Camp Hale: tent village
Stage Results: 10th Place (Men's Open Division)
Stage Time: 4:42:51
Overall Results: 10th Place
Overall Time: 11:53

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